OAA Membership


Membership Benefits

  • Subscription to the OAA  Newsletter
  • Discounts to OAA events
  • A voice in state government
  • A listing in the membership directory
  • Networking opportunities
  • Regional representation through North Central Regional Aquaculture Center

Sustaining, $125

Institutions or organizations interested in the advancement of the OAA and its goals. Sustaining members shall have all of the rights and privileges of other members except that of holding office. Sustaining members shall have one (1) vote cast by a duly authorized delegate.

Active, $50

Any individual, partnership, association or corporation engaged in the practice of aquaculture, who derives a portion of his/her income from the aquaculture industry and who supports the purposes and objectives of the OAA. Active members have voting rights.

Associate, $35

Any interested individual, partnership, or corporation who supports the purposes and objectives of the OAA. Associate members do not have voting rights.


Student, $20

Any individual that is attending a full-time accredited university, public or private, who supports the purposes and objectives of the OAA. Student members do not have voting rights.

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To Apply by Mail

You can also download our paper membership form and apply by mail. Please be sure to fill out the form in its entirety, and mail to: Ohio Aquaculture Association, c/o Alycia Brehm, 8120 Wesley Chapel Rd, West Liberty, OH 43557. *Make check payable to the Ohio Aquaculture Association.*

2018 Members


Ohio Soybean Council

OSU Extension Ag/NR

OSU South Centers

Sweetwater Springs Fish Farms


Student Members

John Muter


4K Fish Farms, Karen Miller

Apo Pumps & Compressors

Stanley Evans

John Busic

Satyaki Ghosh

Michael Gosset

Gillig Aquaculture

Ryan Haerer

Jordan Maxwell

Jaime Medoza, Jr.

Chance Mossman

Kelly Mossman

More Fishes LLC

Paul O'Bryant

Habib Paulino

RainFresh Harvests

Dean Rapp

Stephen Reichley, DVM

Fred Schirr

Shaferly Fish Farms

Twin T Shrimp Farm LLC

Todd Tucky

Hanping Wang

Eva Wiley

Franklin Woitel

Tom Worley

Lloyd Wright

Zhaohui Xu

Hong Yao


4k Fish Farm, Keith Miller

Ada Fish Farm

AquaCal, Stan Crisp

Aqua Hill Aeration, Inc.

Aquarian Aquaponics, LLC

A.T.A.C. Pond Management Specialists

Big Fish Farms LLC

Brehm's Perch Farm

Briarwood Sporting Club

Buckeye Surf & Turf

Busch Family Fish Farm &

Pay Lakes

Calala's Water Haven

Delta 2

DBR Farms, LLC

Neal Dumbaugh

Fender's Fish Hatchery LLC

Fin Farm LLC

Four County Vet. Services

Fresh Harvest Farm

Freshwater Farms of Ohio

Go Fish Farm LLC

The Old Green Place Farm

Halieus Farms LLC

Indian Lake Wholesale Bait

Jackson Organic Farm

J&M Veterinary Consulting LLC

Jones Fish Hatcheries & Distributors, Inc.

Kuss Farm LLC

Kuss Farm LLC

Locally Grown Fish

Andrew Londo

Marlow's Fisheries & Pond

Mgmt. LLC

Millcreek Perch Farm

Morning Star Fish Farm

Dr. Kevin Neves

The Ocean's Friend Aquaculture

Pentair Aquatic Eco-Systems

Stacey Priest

Bruce Putnam

Lisa Putnam

Red Barn Fish Farm

Remlinger Fish Farm

Ripple Rock Fish Farms

Riverence, LLC

Shelby Fish Farms

Matthew Smith

Snow Hill Fish Farm

Spring Run Farms, Inc.

Michael Taylor

Tom's Fish Farm

Alexander Valigosky

Gardner Watkins

Robert Williams

Zanesfield Rod and Gun Club