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The Ohio Aquaculture Association works on behalf of Ohio's fish farming industry to promote, educate and advocate for a sustainable and economically viable industry. We work with state researchers, educators, regulators and the public to ensure that our members have a voice in the activities that affect them.

If you are new to aquaculture, we invite you to check out our resources page for more information on getting started. We also invite you to join us for our workshops and conferences covering timely topics and providing valuable networking opportunities. Our members' valuable experience is at your fingertips.


Our Mission

The Ohio Aquaculture Association actively supports and promotes the culture of aquatic species by participation of individuals, partnerships, and corporations who have an interest in aquaculture, by interacting with state and federal agencies/legislatures charged with regulating aquatic culture, and by educating the public on the culture of aquatic species.

Vision Statement

The Ohio Aquaculture Association envisions a future aquaculture industry that contributes significantly to Ohio's demand for aquatic products, is based on a diversity of aquatic species and culture systems, and is conducted in a manner that protects and sustains our valuable natural resources.

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